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anniversaries! [Jun. 10th, 2007|08:44 pm]
July 2006 Weddings


Our 1 year anniversaries are coming up! Mine's about a month away, some of you have less than a month, of of you a little more. Anyone have any good plans yet?

I decided we should continue the tradition we've had of going to "our beach" for our anniversaries (we went there each year, he proposed on year 3 and we got married on year 4!) So about a month ago, I booked a room at a B&B style hotel in Bodega Bay, which is the town we got married in. One of our guests stayed at this hotel and it was only a short walk to our beach! I ended up using their room to get ready in, and it was nicer there than in our wedding night suite!

I booked a different room than they had. If you click here, it's the top left room, called "dune grass". I thought it looked wedding-y.

Other plans for the anniversary include a matinée of the Harry Potter movie, because it comes out on July 13th and we're big Harry Potter nerds. We'll probably also have dinner at a nice place in Bodega and spend most of our time lounging on the beach. We'll only be gone monday night until tuesday morning, as we have weekend jobs (i'm a wedding planner, he's a DJ). I think it will be nice, low-key, and romantic.

Let's hear about your plans!

[User Picture]From: shlupquack
2007-06-11 04:32 am (UTC)
We're either going to go to Montery and visit the aquarium, or go to Vegas. It depends on whether or not a couple of our friends want to go to Montery with us or not.

Yay for first anniversaries!
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[User Picture]From: historygeek
2007-06-11 03:17 pm (UTC)
We're going to San Francisco at the end of this month, but it's a job interview for DH that we're turning into a vacation, not really an anniversary thing.

I tried to convince DH to take me to London for the midnight release party for HP 7. HP7=book=paper=I'm a geeeeeenius. He's not into HP (although he is into London) and did not go for it. There was a chance we'd go somewhere for our actual anniversary and then I got hit with federal jury duty for most of July. &**^%$%()!

We finally decided to buy a Nintendo Wii, the extra controllers and 3 games. Not terribly romantic, but it's something we both really want. And for the record, no we're not 18...we're 28 and 30 respectively.
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[User Picture]From: wildflower_tsw
2007-06-12 05:19 pm (UTC)
We have so much going on this summer (3 weddings, 2 of which I'm involved in) that we haven't had much time (or the funds) to discuss doing too much for our anniversary. We were also thinking we might be invited to another wedding on our anniversary (but it doesn't look that way, which is completely fine!!) so we've been hedging the discussion. :) I'd be perfectly happy having a nice dinner and relaxing... summer is always a super busy time for me!!
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[User Picture]From: colorless_skies
2007-06-18 07:37 am (UTC)
since we were married in a park, we are going to go back there & have a little picnic on the lake. i'm baking cupcakes to recreate the kinds that we had at our wedding, since we didn't save any -- & i've stopped eating dairy in the last year, so i wouldn't have eaten them anyway. :)

i'm not sure what else we are planning for the day, but that is what we've decided thus far. :D
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[User Picture]From: gonzostar
2007-06-18 02:14 pm (UTC)
oooh, very nice! our friend made our cake, so we didn't save any either, and she's going ot make us a replica one when she's visiting on the 8th, and i'll save it for a week and take it to the B&B with us. :)
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