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July 2006 Weddings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
July 2006 Weddings

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Wedding pictures [Sep. 28th, 2006|06:22 pm]
July 2006 Weddings

All of my classes today were cancelled (yay!) so I uploaded some wedding pictures.

There's about 70 behind the cut, but there's a few hundred total. So if for some reason you're curious to see something, or more of something, let me know.

I'll post a little advice after the pictures as well. Oh, and the total cost. And a honeymoon story.

Oh, by the way...I used to be juicykisses.

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Picture Post: Our first home! [Sep. 24th, 2006|11:31 pm]
July 2006 Weddings

Well, my mother-in-law was getting rather desparate for pictures of our apartment this year. So, you all get to see too! Click on any of the pictures for a larger version. :) This is our first home, part of the grad student housing at Cornell University. It's actually only 400sqft. We are cramped at times...but, as you can see, we both have our computers, and you all know how infinite the internet is.

Sorry, I still haven't gotten to the picture post from the wedding (it might be sorta anti-climatic now), but with the move and trying to get a research advisor nailed down on top of going to a full load of classes...I haven't had much time for organizing a big post. I still have only gotten thru the G's for thank yous! :\ Hopefully, once midterms are over....hrmmm....

Pictures!Collapse )

and one of this nasty burn I got making dinner yesterday...the kitchen hates me...Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed!
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now for a real update [Sep. 24th, 2006|05:23 pm]
July 2006 Weddings

so, it's been 2 months and change. i'm still thinking weddings because my husband and i are helping some friends who have a reception hall. in fact, we're going to be training to take it over (david DJing and myself coordinating). it's a lot of work, but i love weddings so that's the cool part. we went to one last night, in fact. what's also cool is that even though the wedding last night was a lot of fun (200 person party, lots of dancing, a total hit), i haven't been envious yet. our beach wedding was perfect for us and i wouldn't have wanted a reception hall wedding. now if i ever start coordinating the winery weddings (i live near napa...), THEN i might get jealous! heh.

as far as our home life, we're doing pretty good. we had some major changes right away: we both got new jobs (part time and lower paying than our previous ones) and we both started part time classes. we've been strapped financially, so that's been our biggest stressor. i was talking to david the other day to see how he's doing, stress wise, and found that he's much happier than he was a few months ago. he loves his new job (tutoring at the college) even though it pays crap. he loves going back to school and learning. he's very happy with me (yay!) so the only real worry is money.

luckily, if we start helping our friends out regularly (which is the plan), we'll be making $300+ each saturday night. and we get to work together, so that's cool. that should alleviate most of the financial stress. which is good... i don't want the stress of money wearing on us. it's not hurting the relationship yet, we're still working together, but as money's one of the #1 problems in marriage, i like heading problems off before they start.

anyways, that's my update. has anyone done anything exciting as a married couple recently? anything else going on?

also, i joined a community called _marriedlife_ recently. it's a good community, and while i'd be striving to get that same sort of thing going here, if it doesn't stay active in here, i'd suggest that one. they're pretty active. it's like the weddingplans of married communities. i just can't compare! ;)
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icons! [Sep. 24th, 2006|05:18 pm]
July 2006 Weddings

you all know so i guess you're noticing i'm a big icon whore. here's another one i love:

want to see some of the awesome icons that have come from there? check these out:

i think you all should join. also, tell them i sent you so i can win points in the referral contest by leaving a comment here.

c'mon, don't you all want cute icons like me??? :P
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2006|08:08 am]
July 2006 Weddings

i wanted to share a cool icon community with you. i got some of my awesome couple icons there. these all came from likemagic:

anyone who wants some cool icons made for them should check it out:

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quick silly poll [Sep. 3rd, 2006|01:07 am]
July 2006 Weddings

what's your favorite thing about being married so far?

mine, i'd have to say, is being able to say "husband" and that not inviting 23483574 questions. don't get me wrong, i did love talking about my wedding, but saying "my fiance" in passing was just ASKING for it!
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¡~The Great Big Post-Wedding Post~! (With Pro Pics! Huzzah!) [Sep. 1st, 2006|02:16 am]
July 2006 Weddings

Just put this up in weddingplans from my July 28th wedding. I know at least a few of you have left that community but not this one, so here's all my goodies minus the help parts since you ladies obviously don't need help planning anymore! If you for some reason want to read the advice and vendor reviews though, here's the post.

Firstly, to refresh your memory as to who I am, here are some of my old posts:
12 August 2005 - Finding the perfect venue.
11 December 2005 - Finding "the dress."
7 May 2006 - My most complete picture post!
4 June 2006 - My DIY invitations.
30 June 2006 - My Bridal Shower
A flash slideshow of photos.

Things that went well...Collapse )

Things that went not-well...Collapse )

Notable amusing events...Collapse )

Okay, I know what everyone really wants here...

Pictures! 46 of 'em!Collapse )
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1 month! [Aug. 30th, 2006|01:53 pm]
July 2006 Weddings

[Current Mood |sillysneaky!]

Yay! We've been married a month!

It's been pretty good. He still calls me wifey every day. I get tickled when I call him my husband! Everything's been changed over except the bank. We're using the last bit of our checks up and getting new ones. I can finally deal with our vendors now that I'm his wife and they can tell me details. I'm so glad the stress of the planning is over.. really.. that's just more then I every want to do again. Planning your entire wedding in 5 months is just insane! And I had NO help.

Planning on some things here in the near future, I just can't say because if by the off chance he does read this.. I don't want to ruin the surprise!
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First month of marriage update [Aug. 24th, 2006|10:43 pm]
July 2006 Weddings

Neither of us guessed when we said "in sickness and in health," we'd mean the "in sickness part" so soon. About a week before the wedding, my hip and leg began to hurt to the point where walking, even short distances, was incredibly painful. I was able to get a doctor and a physical therapist (only twice) before the wedding, but was relying on vicodin to get through the night. I hoarded my vicodin over the honeymoon, mixing it with over the counter painkillers and constant use of taxis so that we could still get around and enjoy it. At times, we resorted to renting a wheelchair for me (like at the museums) to make things easier. When we got back, my physical therapist pretty much was able to say that the cause of my pain was a herniated disc in my back.

Because of this disc issue, my doctor wanted to discuss doing an MRI. The problem with that? My period was more than 2 weeks late at that point. So I had to go for a blood test as my urine tests were inconclusive. Of course the night after the blood test as we were waiting for the test results, I got my period. So when we got the result of "not pregnant," it was like, no kidding.

I met with my doctor, who decided that we'd wait until October to do the MRI as most herniated discs heal with just physical theraphy in 8-12 weeks. I'm at around 6 weeks.

We had planned to go to NYC starting on Wednesday night. However, on Tuesday, my throat began to hurt. Yesterday, I woke up and felt like death warmed over. By night I was throwing up, with poor Ravi holding my hair and rubbing my back.

I'm feeling better today, but it has made for a rough first month of marriage.

I'm actually very lucky that it's August, as I'm a teacher. If I had a more "normal" job I would be having a much more difficult month.

The pregnancy scare was difficult for us. We definitely want to have children, and I've been baby crazy for some time now. However, we have some savings goals that would be make having a baby easier if we had a year or two to save for it. With my back issues, I most likely would have ended up on bedrest for some period of time. I'm also at a new school this year and it would have been very difficult for me to go in on the first day and tell them that I would be leaving after April Break. I was totally torn, as on one hand I would love to have our baby now and on the other I really wanted some time. So when I got my period I felt both incredibly relieved and incredibly sad. When my best friend said "I'm so sorry hon" my reply was "You'd be saying that regardless of the results," which summed it up accurately enough.

However, in the good news department--Ravi is going to be able to attend a conference in September that will be good for his career and stregthen his contacts. I really like my new classroom and it looks like I'm going to have a relatively small class. Our cousins came up to visit last weekend and I was able to take my niece (who was our flower girl and is turning 3 in September) to the Children's museum, which was a blast.
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married life [Aug. 24th, 2006|08:11 am]
July 2006 Weddings

so, now we've all been married for a month, or very close to that. how's married life going?

what were the big changes? i know some of you moved, how's that going?

for david & i, our life is the same, we're in the same place and everything, but other things have changed. we're back in school, i am changing jobs on labor day, and he's trying to get a job. for now, he's home and playing the "house husband" role - making me lunches and dinner. it's very cute.

we've had one fight since the wedding, it was last friday after i worked a 40 hour week PLUS took a 4 hour training class. i came home and collapsed and needed support and ended up taking it out on him that i had to work and he didn't. eventually we calmed down and i got the support i needed, just wish i didn't have to fight for it! but at least we worked through it, always a good thing for relationships.

so yeah, any married life updates from you guys? you can comment or make a new post, whichever. :)
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