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my anniversary! - July 2006 Weddings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
July 2006 Weddings

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my anniversary! [Jul. 23rd, 2007|06:46 pm]
July 2006 Weddings


our little anniversary getaway was perfect. it was just what we needed.

we started the day off with some anniversary cake for breakfast. heh. our friend made us the exact same kind she made for our wedding. much yummier than year-old cake, i tell you what.

we exchanged gifts also. david got me a funny card:

it is indeed the "paper" anniversary, so we got each other paper gifts. i got him a nice leather bound journal, and he got me 2 books (a dr. laura one i wanted, and a sex-position-a-day book. heh)

then we headed off to see harry potter, and then we had vietnamese food for lunch. after lunch we drove out to bodega bay.

let me tell you... we had the BEST luck with weather last year. it was perfect & sunny for our wedding. but not so this year. it was foggy and cold! but that's fine, cuz i wasn't wearing a thin white dress this year. ;)

we checked into the B&B, and were pleasantly surprised with all the accommodations. check it out:

the front:

our room, it was called "dune grass":

the back:
(our windows are the two upper left ones)

you may have remembered a few wedding photos taken there: here's one.. notice the sun???

we settled into our room and proceeded to take a nap! hahaha. it was lovely. we woke up ready for dinner so we headed off.

we ate here:

see how foggy?

with this view:

the fog started to burn off during dinner

inside decorations:

this place also had a lot of paraphernalia from "the birds", as it was filmed at this restaurant.

after dinner, david bought me a pack of salt water taffy. now THAT'S love! ♥

then we headed off to "our beach" - schoolhouse beach, the one we got married on. we watched the sunset together...

then we came back to our room and took a bath together in the oversize tub. after that it was back to sleep in the cozy bed.

in the morning, we woke up and headed down to the self-serve kitchen. it was SO awesome. check it out:

take whatever you want!

my breakfast

after breakfast we went to the crab shack and bought some crab cocktail, and then we drove back to our hometown and ran some errands. and ate more cake. ;)

ok, your turns! post about your anniversaries!

(can anyone tell i'm trying not to let this community die right away? i figure after we've all posted about our 1st anniversaries, i can let it go. but first i want to hear your stories!!)

[User Picture]From: gonzostar
2007-07-24 03:17 pm (UTC)
hahah it's this stuff called nutella - a hazelnut chocolate spread. kinda like chocolate peanut butter. it was the first time i'd had it - it was good!

i'm glad someone doesn't want it to die. i'll keep it open! it's kind of fun to be able to consult people who have been married the same amount of time.

have fun in vegas!
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